Drinks cans transformed into CanCars

Coruba Climax

Hot Rod





Who knows, from recycling old drinks cans, transformed into variety of CanCars. This idea has been practiced by Sandy Sanderson, an artist from Hamilton, New Zealand.

The tool kit to make a CanCar can be very basic: single edged razor blades for cutting both the balsa and the cans, a pair of sharp scissors for cutting the cans, a sheet of 180 grit sandpaper for the wooden parts and sheet of 400 grit wet and dry for the metal, pair of compasses for circles and curves, a rule for measuring and straight lines, a pair of pliers for cutting and bending wire, a pair of tweezers for assembling fiddly bits, some metal polish and a can of clear lacquer to finish it off. On some of the cars the galvanised wire has needed joining to itself and the strongest way of doing that is with soft solder. So a small soldering iron will be needed for that.

For more infos and photos of the CanCars, visit the artist's website at Sandy's CanCars

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