Transparent transports

Transparent Canoe
This 2 person Canoe, weighs only 40 pounds, and is lighter than most aluminium or wood canoes. It's made out of the same polycarbonate material used in the production of bulletproof glass. The seats provide excellent back support and comfort.

Transparent Kayak
Stylish folding kayak with an entirely transparent shell, weighs only 26 pounds.  This kayak will fold up small enough to fit in your hiking backpack.

Element Car
Element car has a transparent upper portion that is made out of photochromic materials and therefore, changes its color according to the strength of the sunlight. The OLED touchscreen mounted on the dashboard provides access to the vehicle’s controls and the internet. It’s powered by an electric engine which is kept under the driver’s seats. The car’s overall size is small, yet provides enough space for luggage.

DeLaSalle Electric Car
DeLaSalle Electric Car created by the high school students from Kansas City, in collaboration with Bridgestone technichians on the wheel. 

Transparent S2000 Honda 

1939 Pontiac transparent 

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The Naturmobil
The Naturmobil, the brainchild of an Iranian engineer, Hadi Mirhejazi, combines 19th-century travel with 21st-century gym equipment. 

In essence it is a horse, tethered to a treadmill, inside a perspex box on wheels. The driver and passenger sit in the front (the prototype is a two-seater sports car), while the horse is in the back. To get moving you simply turn on the treadmill and wait for the "engine" to start trotting. The horse's movement, aided by 20 gears, recharges the treadmill's battery, and keeps the vehicle moving. It can go at quite a canter, reaching 28mph during a road test.

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