1.96 million couples divorced last year in China

A total of 1.96 million couples applied for divorced last year in China (a 14.5% increase from 2009), far more than the number who got married (1.2 million) in the world's most populous nation, state media reported.

China's divorce rate has risen gradually at an average of 7.65 percent a year since 2003 when the law regulating marriage was amended, simplifying both marriage and divorce procedures, said the report published late Sunday.

Before, in many areas of China, couples who wanted to divorce had to get a written certificate from their workplaces or neighbourhood committees before the split could be finalised, it added.

Some lawmakers in China, shocked at the country's high divorce rate, have called for a return to those practices, but so far the amendment has remained untouched.

Also contributing to higher divorce rates is rising wealth so Chinese men and women have more money and are more independent, the report said.

The southwestern province of Sichuan had the highest divorce rate last year, which the report attributed partly to a high concentration of people working away from home, leading to couples being separated for long periods of time.

Source - Google News

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