Man cuts off his testicles to remain faithful to his wife

It is any man's worst nightmare but for Colombian farmer Luis Alfonso Sanchez it seemed the logical thing to do. He is no longer love his testicle.

Even Tiger Woods would never consider to do this, but the 40-year-old decided to castrate himself to avoid cheating on his wife who refused to have sex with him. He used a razor blade to cut off his genitals.

Mr Sanchez had performed the act on many of his animals in the past and believed the procedure would be as easy for him saying: "I've castrated pigs, cats, dogs and three days later they are healed.

"I thought that's what it was going to be like with me. I had practice with animals, so I went ahead, put some pressure on it, and cut them to remove them by force!"

"When I saw that I could no longer count on her (his wife), so that I would't keep bothering her, I made the decision to cut my testicles off because I am a Christian and did not want to go look for another (partner)."

The man is being treated at Santander Hospital where Dr. Javier Martinez said he is still healing: "He still has an escroto-penial hematoma. He's been looked at by the urology department, and they found a complete absence of the testicles."

According to doctors, Sanchez's wounds have become infected. He is now under the observation of urologists and surgeons at the University Hospital of Santander, in Bucaramanga, northeastern Brazil.

Via - ITN

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