Woman, 98, Strangled 100-Year-Old Room-Mate

A 98-year-old nursing home resident has been charged with second-degree murder for allegedly suffocating her 100-year-old room-mate.

Laura Lundquist from Massachusetts is accused of killing Elizabeth Barrow (picture at left), who was found dead in her room in Dartmouth in 24 September with a plastic bag over her head.

Police initially thought Ms Barrow had killed herself but a medical examiner declared it murder after a post-mortem indicated she had been strangled.

Scott Barrow, the victim’s son, said, that Lundquist made threatening remarks to his mother and said she would outlive Barrow. Ms Lundquist had frequently complained that her room-mate had too many visitors.

"We're devastated," Scott Barrow told a local TV station. "My mother was well-loved. She loved everyone at the nursing home.

"She had a daily routine where she would go up and down the hallway and hug people who weren't as fortunate as she."

A state judge ordered Ms Lundquist to a local hospital where doctors will evaluate her competency before she is arraigned, according to local media.

She is believed to be the oldest murder defendant in the history of Massachusetts. However, her case may never get to court because of her mental issues.

Elizabeth Barrow

Via - Sky News

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