Police arrest dirty intruder as he bathes

Police arrested an intruder who broke into an east Texas house in U.S - after they arrived at the crime scene to find the 25-year-old man having a bath in the house he'd broken into.

The incident happened about 3:30 in the morning Sunday in a blue-collar neighborhood of Northwest Tyler. Police Sgt. Matthew Smyser said a resident called to report that a man had kicked in the front door of the house.

While en route, officers were advised the resident had left the house but the intruder remained inside.

Officers entered the house to find the man had stripped naked and was taking a bath. After a brief struggle, the man was arrested and booked into the Smith County Jail.

Larry Ticey was jailed on a misdemeanor criminal trespass charge punishable upon conviction by up to one year in jail. No bond amount or attorney is listed in jail records.

Via - Fox11 Online

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