CubeDesktop pro 1.3.1 vs Deskspace 1.5.4

I tried these two desktop enhancement softwares, both of them are not freeware like my previous post. But they are worth the price. Only i prefer Cubedesktop pro 1.3.1 than Deskpace 1.5.4 personally. Of course each of them got their own advantage. There are something about Deskspace that are better than CubeDesktop pro especially with the speed and use less RAM.

But Deskspace only have a cube desktop effect while CubeDesktop pro have 5 cool effects - 3D Cube, 3D Desktop Explorer, 3D Desktop Flip, 3D Desktop Carousel and 3D Desktop Roll. The overall, CubeDesktop pro is my choice :D

CubeDesktop pro 1.3.1 demo video

Deskspace 1.5.4 demo video

Sorry, the video is a bit choppy, but the actual situation is not like that. Deskspace 1.5.4 run very smooth in my PC, only when i open too much programs and run the desktop recorder to record this video then it became a bit choppy.

My PC specification for this test:

System - Windows XP SP2
Processor - AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core processor 3600+ 1.90gHz
RAM - DDR 2, 2GB
Graphic card - ATI Radeon Express 1250 built in

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