My Windows XP now looks like Windows 7, Linux Ubuntu and MacOs

I just wanna share what i have been done with my Windows XP now. It is not like Windows XP anymore, including the look, the functions, accessories, features and so on. But i also can't say it Windows 7, nor Windows Vista, nor Linux, nor Mac :D But it is a combination of those OS. So if you want to change your Windows XP like mine now, just install the freewares that i will tell below. They all are free and easy to use!

rk launcher

As you can see in the above picture, there is the icon dock at the top of the desktop, just like in Apple Mac. It is called RK launcher. There are many icon dock like that, but here i'm using RK launcher. You can get it free at

The environment in that picture is like Windows 7 right? How can we change Windows XP look and features to Windows 7? It is just like what i wrote in my previous post . I used Seven Transformation pack 2.0 and you can get it free at .


Next we go to switching program feature. Look at the above picture, this is what can be done using Winflip. This software is already packed in Seven Transformation pack 2.0. So you don't have to install it if you want to install STP 2.0. But if you don't want to install STP 2.0 and just want to install Winflip alone, get the installer free at

Yod'm 3D

And the above picture show the 3d desktop cube like in Ubuntu. You can have that desktop cube in your Windows XP by installing Yod'm 3d. It is also a freeware and you can get it at .

But now that freeware is replaced by the new version called Deskspace and no longer free. If you want the better version and more elegant, get it at But i just use the previous version and i get it from the above link :D

And lastly, you can make your windows borders transparent by installing True Transparency. This is what i have told here in my previous post. You can get this freeware at .

So you can transform your Windows XP too. But the stability of the programs and the functionality are depends on your PC specification. Read the programs minimum requirement first before install. I'm sorry if anything bad happen to your pc after you try this. I'm just sharing what i have done and feel good here. I wish you all the best. Have nice days ahead :)

p/s: If you know anything else that is cool and can change Windows XP into more cooler look and functions, please leave comment here. TQ :)

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True Transparency maybe got a little clash with Yod'm 3D . TT gives quite not good effect after activating Yod'm 3D . So better choose one of them to use and deactivate another.

woo... byk nya yg dia tau..
nk try, nk try.. nampak menarik jer..
tq2.. x kedekut ilmu btl (bgus2) :)
pastu ada byk versi plak tu.. :) :)


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