Another freeware to change your desktop into 3d cube desktop

Previously i mentioned about a software called Yodm3D that can change your Windows desktop like Linux 3D cube desktop. Now i will talk about it together with Shock 4way 3D. Shock 4way 3D is not just can change desktop to 3d cube but have 5 desktop effects; Cube, Inside, Grid, Flip and Wave cube (See the video below). But i personally prefer Yodm3D because it is more user friendly and interesting interactive with mouse (almost similar like Compiz Fusion in Linux).

Only Yodm3D is not really cute like Shock 4way 3D. By the way you can use them together in one time. Only there will be a bit confuse when shifting desktop. Maybe you will know what i mean when you get use to it. I'm not using them together, because of confusing matter and use more RAM. Usually i use a combination of Yodm3D + Winflip or Shock 4way 3D + Winflip at once.

These two desktop enhancement software have pros and cons, and depends on your own taste. So to know better which one will suit you, you must try both of them and consider yourself. To download Yodm3D like i told at my previous post, go to

And to download Shock 4way 3D, go to

Shock 4way 3D demo video


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