Succeed installing Seven Transformation pack 2.0

I was succeed installing Seven Transformation pack 2.0 in my Windows XP SP2 today, not like Seven skin pack that really gave me bad days like i mentioned in the previous post. So far i like Seven Transformation pack 2.0 especially with the environment that almost looks like Windows 7. Thanx to for creating this brilliant software. My Windows XP SP2 now almost looks like Windows 7.

It is also came with other 3rd party softwares that help STP 2.0 more looks and feels like Windows 7. You can read more info at and also can download this freeware.

I just wanna share a few functions that i like here. First is the 3rd party software, ViGlance. It is what i like most. It has Aero Peek feature showing live thumbnail on taskbar. You can pin application on taskbar as Windows 7. It also gives the new toolbar icons which is quite small and can be loaded more in toolbar without so many overlapping. Just look at the picture below;

I opened 3 programs and there is still wide space in toolbar. The toolbar is glowing when we highlight with mouse and dimming when the mouse is away from it. That gives a cool animation effect. And couples more exciting effects with ViGlance. But only one problem i faced with it. It is when i opened and work in 3d Studio Max 9. There is a bit problem with 3ds max environment caused by ViGlance. I don't know how to tell here but it is quite disturbing my work.

But that is not a big problem, because i can just turn off/exit ViGlance at the startup bar when i work with 3ds max, and turn on/open again when i'm not using that 3d program.

Another my favourite features in it came from the 3rd party software also. It is Winflip. We can swith to other programs that we opened by just key in ALT-TAB (like usual switching) or other key we set in the program. Or we can just use mouse by drawing a circle on a desktop or click at the edge of the desktop. The Winflip will appear like in the picture below;

This feature is just like what Windows Vista have also. Really nice looking and more easier to switch programs. And now you can have it in Windows XP also.

There are lots more exciting features, and they are waiting for you to explore yourself and have fun with it. And this transformation pack is not just for Windows XP, but also for Windows 2003 and Windows Vista. For those who want to install Seven Tranformation Pack 2.0, i hope you read and follow the steps carefully and wish you all the best. Good luck :)

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