Mobile Legends, Arena Of Valor etc GAME SYSTEM

The game SYSTEM is just, the faster you FARM, the faster your LEVEL raise up to LEVEL 15 ... if your character level HIGHER than your opponent, then EASIER for you to wreck your opponent (except you are too LAG or don't have skill at all) 

This kind of game is about who farm FAST. That's the first strategy ... after that come skills and so on  .... example, level 5 character cannot BEAT level 6 character at present if 1 vs 1 and same HP start (so remember to watch your opponent LEVEL first before attack him/her. The level is shown on the head of the character).   

The more you FEED the opponent, the more u make their level and buffs grown faster ... so keep FEEDING (died) to loose FAST   :-D

And this is not about the LEVEL of your account dear player ... but LEVEL of character in BATTLE, which is start from 1 to 15 ....... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


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