Computer Restart or Blue Screen while playing PC Games? Solution ...

This problem usually happen when we play games with high quality graphics, using a not-good specification PC overall.

The elder scroll 5 - Skyrim screenshot
TES Skyrim game screenshot

Solution? These are the simple steps;

- Restore your graphic card setting to default (if u changed / tweaked it before). Then change texture quality to HIGH PERFORMANCE (or whatever same setting with different name depends on your graphic card).

- If still restart or BSOD (Blue Screen Of Death), then change in-game setting also. Lowering texture quality.

I'm not sure the exact reason why it happen, but usually it related with TEXTURE QUALITY. Maybe your PSU not enough watt (example; graphic card like nVidia GTX 560 needs 500W ++). Or maybe GPU or CPU overheating, or else.

I hope this info can release your tension :-D

- If the problem still going on, maybe your OS or PC have something wrong, sorry.  All the best dudes .......



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