Two Chinese men break record for standing in ice

Chen Kecai, 52, and Jin Songhao, 54, on January 2nd competed in a "frozen alive" competition at Tianmenshan in Zhangjiajie city, Hunan Province.

Jin and Chen were put in transparent boxes packed with ice wearing nothing but swim suits in the hope of breaking the world record.

Mr Chen lasted for 118 minutes, after which medics pulled him out of the box because of a precipitous fall in his body temperature. While Jin lasted for 120 minutes and became a winner. He even taking the time to write some Chinese calligraphy during the ordeal, penning a sign in praise of the Communist party.

Jin Songhao

Both beating the previous Guinness World Record of 115 minutes set earlier this week by Wim Hof, 51, a Dutch man, in Hong Kong.

Doctors were on hand during the competition in case things began to go the way of the 2010 World Sauna Championship in Finland where a man died.

However, Mr Hof retains the record for the fastest-ever half marathon run barefoot on snow.

Chen Kecai

The champ

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I never thought that Chinese will do these, I usually see them wearing mens suits in their businesses but they did a contest like this..whew, It was a freezing feeling.

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