Josh Sommers creates Escheresque images using his own mathematical formula

Josh Sommers, 32, software engineer, photo illustrator and graphic designer from Pataluma, CA, has mastered the art of manipulating images into remarkable work of art. He has decided to reveal the secret mathematical formula behind these incredible hypnotic 'droste effect' images.

Soon after his tutorial started attracting hits from all over the world a software developer contacted Josh and ported his formula into a Photoshop Pixel Bender plugin. This gave people who could not figure out the formula the ability to use and animate the filter.

Wanna try to convert your picture into these?  You can try with Pixel Bender, a plugin for Adobe Photoshop CS5. Download here 

More pictures at  Telegraph

And more works from Josh Sommers himself at

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this is really remarkable.. brilliant in fact

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