Succeed installed Seven Remix XP 2.0

Seven Remix XP 2.0Previously i installed Seven Transformation Pack 2.0 in my PC. Today i removed it but have a little problem at the uninstallation process. It was not restart itself and not showing any sign of been uninstalled. I wait until about 1 hour then i restart manually. Of course a bit scare too if anything bad happen to my system. But Thank God, everything's ok.

I removed VTP 2.0 because i want to test another Seven Transformation pack called Seven Remix XP 2.0 , a windows 7 theme for Windows XP. It is not transform Windows XP a lots like VTP 2.0 do but it's more easier and run more smoother. The installation process is even more easier, only with a few clicks, not like VTP 2.0 with so many clicks :D . VTP 2.0 came with other 3rd party softwares that help STP 2.0 more looks and feels like Windows 7, but Seven Remix XP 2.0 is just a standalone software.

If you want to feel more like Windows 7, you can also install a few sofwares that VTP 2.0 use as a 3rd party softwares or apply a few more tricks. The list is like below;

1. ViStart - ViStart is a remake (NOT PORT!) of Microsoft's Vista Start Menu. unlike other products which use the name "Vista Start Menu" and in reality arn't anything like Vista's start menu from Microsoft. ViStart includes a skin that looks exactly like the Windows Vista's start menu and it also supports 3rd party skins. A wide range of skins made by ViStart fans are available through deviantart.

ViStart demo video

You can download ViStart free at -

2. ViGlance - ViGlance is a Windows Seven Superbar like. I personally don't like using this because it use more memory and so messy on desktop :D

You can download free at

3. You can download Windows Seven icon pack for XP

4. Get Windows 7 Volume Control Box in Windows XP

5. Vista Drive icon

And so on .......

My desktop now

Seven Remix XP 2.0

The skin in the image above is black. That is after i applied SevenVG Black Theme for Windows XP. Besides the elegant and lovely appearance of a desktop, i really like the taskbar, it is so small and only shows icon (not a program or folder name) , so it can contains more taskbar buttons (when you open more programs) but still in neat condition. I hope you will satisfy like i do with all these. Please follow the instruction of installation carefully. Good luck and all the best :)

Download Seven Remix XP 2.0

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