How to work with PC more efficiently

The reason for using Personal Computer (PC) is to make work easier and faster. So the knowledge about how to use PC more efficiently is very important to save time and energy. I will give a few tips about how to use PC more efficiently.

1. Make sure you know what you want to do and what is the purpose of using a PC. Good planning is absolutely required to avoid "daydreaming" in front of a PC :D

2. Always make backups of your works. This is to prevent data loss.

3. Make sure your mind and your vision are in a comfortable condition. Do not expose your eyes continuously for too long to the monitor screen.

4. Make sure your hand and palm are in a rest condition. Do not tap hard on your keyboard when you are typing (raise hands higher), but press softly even you type fast. This is more relaxing.

5. If you want to select all the contents of your documents (in Microsoft Word for example), you can also use a keyboard combination key, by pressing key CTRL + A. CTRL + A means you press the CTRL key on your keyboard and the A key at the same time.

6. If you want to Cut the text in your document, highlight the text with your mouse or press the SHIFT key + the ARROW key to which the appropriate direction. And then press CTRL + X to Cut. To paste it to somewhere else, press CTRL + V on a targetted or desired place.

7. To Copy the text, highlight the text and press CTRL + C, same way as to Cut the text like above.

8. To save the document, or also can be applied to webpage, press CTRL + S . This method is faster than you go to the File Menu and select the Save as option.

9. To print the document faster, press CTRL + P, the print dialog box will appear.

10. To switch to other program that is currently running (whether it is minimized) , press ALT + TAB repeatedly until you choose your desired program.

11. If you want to delete a file or icon, click on it and press Delete key.

12. If you want to Find words in a Microsoft Word, Notepad, or even webpage, just press CTRL + F . The Find box will appear and then you type in whatever word that you want to find. If the word exists in the document or webpage you are in, it will highlight each word one by one. The demo video below will show you the usage of CTRL + F in a webpage;

In the video above, I use the CTRL + F key in Google Chrome web browser. You can also use it in any other browsers.

13. Use related desktop enhancement softwares to make your work neater and faster. Read also the topics below;

14. Practise makes perfect. Good luck and all the best ;)



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