Combination of ObjectDock plus 1.9 and RocketDock 1.3.5

I personally don't really like a standard icon placement in Windows Xp and other Windows. It is quite messy and not really cool :D So I decide to find a way to make my desktop clean and easy to handle with icons. After trying many softwares, I finally found the combination of softwares that really satisfy me. It is a combination of ObjectDock Plus 1.9 and RocketDock 1.3.5. RocketDock is a freeware but unfortunately ObjectDock Plus is not a freeware. But you can download ObjectDock standard version for free.

So below I created a video about the demo of them. I hope this will help gives you an idea on how to arrange your desktop icons and make your job with computer smoother and neater.

I love the top dock of ObjectDock Plus, great in icons arrangement. We can divide icons categories with the tab feature.

I use Stacks Docklet plugin in RocketDock that shows a Fan or a Grid stack when I click the icon in it. It is not just cool in appearance but make our job easier. To get the plugin, download it free at

How to download and put Stacks Docklet in RocketDock

Watch the video below ;)

The steps you must do to put Stacks Docklet in RocketDock

1. After the download is finished, unzip the file.
2. Copy StackDocklet folder and paste to the installation folder of RocketDock in Program Files. Usually at C:\Program Files\RocketDock\Docklets
3. Right click on the Rocketdock bar, choose Add Item - Stack Docklet
4. The blank stack docklet will appear on a dock. Right click on it and choose Icon Settings.
5. Go to My Computer, copy the preferred folder link (located on top of it, as shown in the video).
6. Paste the link into the Folder box in Stacks Docklet window.
7. To set the folder icon, click the button at the right of Icon box. Choose your preferred icon.
8. Click OK. Now you have one stack in your dock. Congrats :)

To put Stacks Docklet in ObjectDock

Yes you can add the docklet to ObjectDock too, same Stacks Docklet file. The method is almost the same too, just copy StackDocklet folder to the installation folder of ObjectDock Plus, usually at C:\Program Files\Stardock\ObjectDock\Docklets . And add to ObjectDock by right clicking on the ObjectDock bar and choose Add - New "Stack" Docklet .

For those who don't know where to download RocketDock , go to

And download ObjectDock at

I hope this will help to make your desktop cooler, easier to arrange icons and gives you more satisfaction when you work with your PC. All the best :)



Phewww... This is way above me neeZhom.. but I do enjoy the videos..
Great sharing. One day I hope to master all these but by then you will be into something else more advanced yeah..

RocketDock uses besides making us look more attractive can also make us more easily in open applications,, y thanks for the article may be useful to me

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