What i like about Google Desktop Sidebar

Google Desktop Sidebar is one of the sidebar for desktop out there. Each sidebar has its own advantage and interestingness. But for me, Google desktop is the right choice especially for the blogger like me. It don't have variety of skins to choose but the usage is more easier and the gadgets are so many. Google is only concentrate on RSS and News on the sidebar.

Google Desktop comes with 3 version. Windows version, Linux version and Mac version. Below is the demo video about Google Desktop Sidebar that i installed in Windows XP. Maybe you'll find something interesting in it. Happy waching ;)

What i like about Google Desktop Sidebar

Of course its RSS feed feature is the most important for me. And then the twitter gadget, email gadget, gTalk gadget, Youtube gadget and so on.

Google Sidebar is a must to use on your desktop. Besides, it can be minimized to the taskbar or only in a system tray. It is another choice for me in desktop enhancement. And you can download it just free at http://desktop.google.com . Happy sidebaring and all the best :D

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