Flipped text, interesting or annoying?

I found out that there are so many sites that like to use this kind of style text now. It's little weird when first time saw it. I thought it was an alien text or something, but actually it's a flipped text hehe. It looks ok but really hard to read it especially when there are so many flipped text.

For those who still don't see it, here are the samples;

Original text = I love you so much

Flipped text = ɥɔnɯ os noʎ ǝʌo1 ı

So can you read it? Of course you can because i had showed you it's original text. But without the original text, i think it's so hard for you to read it right? And maybe you're not realise what it is :D So do you know how to do that? Now it's so easy to do that and thanks to it's programmer. You can go to this website and you'll figure it out yourself because it's so simple.


I'm afraid someday all peoples will use flipped text in every situations, can you imagine how it will be????

¡ʞɔn1 poob



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