If you think God is a Sadist, read this .......

God don't ask human to be the STRONGEST PERSON on earth to get PARADISE / JANNAH. He dont ask us to climb mountain, cross the sea, and do hard things everyday. He just ask us to BELIEVE in Him and do good deeds based on what He told. Simple :-)

And if u say God is a sadist ... just IMAGINE, God is Most Powerful, He can TORTURE you from LONG TIME ago until FOREVER, every seconds He can TORTURE you without giving any pleasure or rest.

But now, look at yourself, you can breath, eat, drink, and have so much pleasures. He did not TORTURE you every seconds EVEN THOUGH He can, because He is Most Merciful and still gives u a chance. And if you see somebody else in pain on this earth, it's only TEMPORARY, not FOREVER.

God gives us BRAIN to think. But if we don't use our BRAIN to think about it, and don't want to BELIEVE in Him, and you want to do whatever you please, without limitation and restriction, break the LAW of God, then wait His PUNISHMENT on JUDGMENT DAY. At that time, regrets are no longer worthless.

Peace, love and justice for all. May God always gives us guidance all the time, and May God bless us.  SubhaanAllah.   :-)



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