Zionism, why you don't have Mercy?

It is not a war, it is murder - Prof. Noam Chomsky

It is not a war, it is murder - Noam Chomsky

RT reporter Abby Martin angry with Israel and tell the truth about what happen in Gaza

"Before you begin to develop an opinion on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, you must first question your sources of information, and also understand the way journalism is manipulated in the West. The manner in which things are reported doesn't necessarily reflect the reality. You must always ask: who benefits from skewed and misrepresented facts? For example, Israel receives billions of dollars of aid from our American taxes...so it is in their best interest to "look good" in front of the American public. Therefore, they must demonize "the other side" by throwing words around like: "terrorists," "human shields," "Islamist," "terror tunnels," "self-genocide," and so on and so forth. There are many accusations made with zero substantial evidence, and even when claims are disproved by UN investigations, the liars insist on the lies. Be aware of this.

If you have never lived in Gaza, West Bank, or Israel, you can't just rely on your emotions and bad journalism. You have to read the history, seek different sources of news (like local reporters), get in touch with people living there, research facts and statistics, read what "the other side" has to say. Only when you've expanded your knowledge could your opinion become validated.
Always ask questions and investigate before you fall victim to systematic brainwashing, and thus allow the continuation of oppression and genocide.” 
- Reema Aljamal

The best explanation by Jon Stewart about Israel & Palestine

EX Israeli IDF Officer Expose Israeli War Crimes in Gaza

Israeli soldiers using a Palestinian as a human shield 

Israel soldiers only know how to kill children and weak people. They don't fight soldiers to soldiers! What a shame

These innocent children are soldiers or what?

Innocent Palestinian Children

Israeli Soldier Reveals 1948 Palestinian Genocide and Zionist Ideology of Ethnic Cleansing

Truth About Israel - American Media Won't Tell You

Zionists won't let you see this on your TV

Zionism, why you don't have Mercy?

History fact: Why these jews came to Palestine??  They should have fought for their land in Germany but Palestine Muslim welcomed them with a great heart, and now they are kicking Palestinians from their home. Today Palestinians are called as Terrorist for what? They just want their own land back. Most of the countries are agreed with this UNJUST cause. Kindly share this short history to everyone so that at least they know what is the truth behind all these.

You steal other people properties, then they fight for their right, and you kill them, with a reason you defend yourselves? Is that justice??

Zionists should LEAVE Palestine and LIVE in USA

Who started the 1st World War?
Who started the 2nd World War?
Who threw nuclear bomb on
Hiroshima and Nagasaki? Muslims?
Who kills approximately 20 million
aborigins in Australia? Muslims?
Who kills more than 100 million red
indians in North America? Muslims?
Who kills more than 50 million red
indians in South America? Muslims?
Who took about 180 million Africans
as slaves and kills 77% of them?
When America takes 1 million lives in
Iraq for oil - Not terrorism
When Serbs rape muslim women in
Kosovo/Bosnia - Not terrorism
When Russians kill 200,000 chechens
in bombing - not terrorism
When Jews kick out Palestinians and
take their land - Not terrorism
When American drones kill entire
family and Afghanistan/Pakistan - Not
When Israel kills 10,000 lebanese
civilians due to two missing soldiers -
Not terrorism
When Muslims retaliate and show you
how you treat us - TERRORISM?

Please READ ALSO  Ex-Israeli soldier speaks out… what he says will change everything you think you know about Israel!

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