Cockfight on billiards table

Cockfight on billiards table
Don't try this at home, very bad attitude.

Lam Van Tay, a breeder of ornamental cocks in Ho Chi Minh City’s Binh Tan District, has brought along two small cocks to show them off. The beautiful birds suddenly flare their neck feathers, angrily flap their wings, and aggressively attack each other with raised claws.

“People are no longer interested in large roosters weighing two to three kilograms for fighting because cops can easily catch them red-handed,” he says.

“Ornamental cocks are now preferred in cock pits where stakes can be dozens of millions of dong.”

The ornamental cocks, commonly called ga tre, have long and colorful feathers, a high-pitched crow, and an aggressive nature.

Dinh of Binh Tan District, who breeds these cocks, told Tuoi Tre about a place frequented by gamblers to buy these birds. With his well-stocked farm, he has sold dozens of the birds every day in the last two years. A bird weighing less than a kilogram is sold here for a minimum of VND1 million (US$50); the price doubles or even triples for a particularly combative one.

Pointing to a pair of small cocks, he boasts: “They have taken part in several battles recently and won. For each I received at least one million dong ($50).

Dinh has linked with fighting cocks breeders in the Mekong Delta to receive the regular supplies. He “upgrades” his poultry then sells them at a higher price, from three to four times.

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