Man made 400 virgins in 3 years

This man gives women a 'second innocence', Dr. Stephan Günther ,40, has made ​​some 400 women to young women back to virgins. The Düsseldorf surgeon specializes sewing women's hymen back together again.

"In my former practice of beauty surgery in Bochum there are many Muslim women who ask me if I could do that. I noticed that offered little in the west of Germany. End of 2006 I went to the U.S. to learn the technique. "

Today, Dr. Guenther does over 100 women a year in his surgery practice in Düsseldorf . Most of them are Muslims living in Germany and many women who come from Yemen, Afghanistan, Turkey. They arrive in secret!

The surgeon: "These women are having huge difficulties when they are no virgin on their wedding night. I tell them what is possible. Besides the safest option, there is still sewing, bonding and even red paint bombs on the Internet "

The surgery takes about 45 minutes. Under local anesthesia, the skin cracks are stitched together.
The patient then note no adverse effects, the seam is not visible. Depending on the cracks of the hymen it costs  €800-1,200, and €2,500 after giving birth.



Rediculous. . do not change the women change the religion

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