P Ramlee on History Channel

Allahyarham Tan Sri P RamleeP Ramlee remembered (1928 - 1973)

An inspiring documentary featuring Malaysia's legendary artist - the multi talented actor, singer, comedian, song writer, screen writer and director. From his rise to stardom to his downnfall. A great man alive. There is no other like him. Only in his death he becomes a TIMELESS SUPERSTAR.

Its astounding, the way this great man was treated back in his own country. How he was insulted, ridiculed, rejected by his fellow comrades. He was not even given the support that was due to him - he has done so much for the industry. No one knew the magnitude of his humiliation, not even his own son.

Its such a tragic end, a sad story of a great man who was reduced to a pauper during the last throes of his life. May he be at peace with his Maker.

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A tear jerking story that relates the real life of an artist. A great man who came crashing down as a result of malicious spite, envy and jealousy. That I find is common among our people. Hard to swallow but that is the truth.

P Ramlee was such a magnanimous man - unselfish, benevolent, generous and not vindictive. Not to mention his super talents. I can now recall an uncle who used to work as an extra hand with Shaw Brothers at Jalan Ampas, Singapore. He was singing his praises of the late star but I was not paying too much attention to it then.

Almost 40 decades now and there has not been anyone to fill that loss. Malaysia has lost A LEGEND. Guess God loves him more.

Moral of the story>>> that's life. be moderate in whatever you do coz when you are up there, there will be others conniving and planning your downfall.

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