Blade in a face of a Chinese man for 4 years

A 37-year-old patient from Yuanjiang County, Yunnan Province, China complaining of headaches and a bad taste in his mouth. Doctors found a 4ins blade buried in his face.

They say it had been in Li Fu's face for four years without his knowledge, since he was stabbed during a robbery in 2006 while working as a cab driver.

Doctor Xu Wen, vice-director of stomatology at Yu Xi City People's Hospital, said: "We were amazed to see such a long blade in his face.

"And it's even more amazing to think that the blade had been there for more than four years and the patient was still living without too many problems."

He is now recovering after surgeons removed the blade, which had penetrated his tongue root, muscles and brain, in a complicated four hour operation.

Luo Zhiwei, a surgeon at People's Hospital of Yuxi said he had never seen anything so bizarre in his entire career.

He said: 'It's a medical miracle. The knife was almost intact when we removed it.'

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