Caterpillar convoy in South Africa

This incredible convoy is a trail of 136 tiny caterpillars heading off into the bush.

The scene was captured by Jamie Rooney, whose vehicle was held up while the 5m (17ft) creepy-crawly convoy crossed the road in Kruger National Park, South Africa.

The delicate insects were linked by a single thin silk thread on the ground which set their path out into the bush, where they will eventually turn into butterflies. They took about 20 minutes to get across the road safely.

‘It was an incredible sight,’ said the 38-year-old from High Wycombe. ‘We got out to get a closer look and counted 136 caterpillars, all moving together across the track.

Our guide had never seen it before but he’d heard about it and explained they were migrating into the bush, where they would disperse and turn into chrysalises.

‘It’s like the mass migration of bigger animals like wildebeest but on a different scale – and pace.’

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This is really incredible alright. Each caterpillar looks quite big huh? Wonder how they could tag along without any running astray.. Incredibly unique...

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