Female gorillas get a sneak peek at French male gorilla

Gorillas also love to view a photo, especially a photo of its opposite sex :D. Look at the female gorillas at London Zoo photos below, aren't they cute? They stare at the picture like human do. Watch their face impression.

gorilla view a photo picture

The Zoo’s singletons, Mjukuu, 10, Effie, 16, and Zaire, 34 got a sneak preview of their new beau when they were given pictures of 12-year-old hunk, Yeboah.
The pictures of the 20 stone male gorilla, who will be travelling from La Boissiere Du Dore Zoo in France to London later on this year, certainly excited the female trio who have lacked male attention since the death of silverback Bobby in December 2008.
Keepers visited Yeboah in Pays de la Loire a month ago to observe his personality and they think the dashing male will get along perfectly with ZSL London Zoo’s female gorillas.

gorilla view a photo picture

Team leader Tracey Lee says: "Yeboah currently lives with a silverback gorilla which means that he is remained a black back gorilla but when comes to London he will naturally take control of our gorilla group and will develop a silverback.
"He’s a very charming, fun loving and intelligent gorilla. I think it will be love at first sight when the girls are let onto the island to look at the pictures - it’s going to be a very special moment."
Via : Newslite.tv , 28 August 2009

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