Can Google be trusted?

I took this brief news from Washington Post about can 'we trust Google?'. The article topic is 'Is Google too big?' But it's not about how big is Google that i wanna share here, but more important point in that article is 'can we trust Google?'

According to Scott Spanbauer from PCWorld , "With its empire expanding, the search giant can have an unprecedented breadth of knowledge about you. Can we trust it with so much data?. From search to e-mail, from calendars to spreadsheets and text documents, more and more of what PC users read and create flows through one firm: Google."

The question is, can we trust Google with all that information about us? And even if you trust Google, what about other groups that may try to access all that information--government agencies, hackers, and rival businesses, to name a few? Privacy and security experts say that the risk is significant, even if Google sticks to its famous "Don't Be Evil" motto.

According to Harvard Business School assistant professor and researcher Ben Edelman, companies face many risks when they use online software services such as Google's, namely loss of privacy, lack of physical data security, and lack of control over data retention. Who can access your Google-hosted data, and when, and under what circumstances? Google itself has full access to your files, which are unencrypted. In fact, searching and indexing stored data are essential if Google is to continue serving its contextual advertising.

More reading is on Washington Post. Sounds so risky about this right? Especially if you got a big business dealing via Google and so on. So what's a good alternative to take action and be more secure about this?



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