Woman Survives 200ft Fall

A Chinese woman survived falling from the 18th floor of a block of flats after landing on a bush and bouncing into a snowdrift.

Ou, 26, of Beijing, was hanging out washing on her balcony early one morning when she slipped and fell, reports the Beijing Times.

Doctors say she only survived the estimated 200ft (61m) fall because it was broken by the bush, the snow and her padded jacket.

Ou was found lying in 5ins of snow by a man who was out walking his dog and who raised the alarm.

Amazed doctors at Peking University Third Hospital treated her for multiple fractures but say she will survive.

Prof Zhang says she would have been falling at more than 60mph by the time she hit the bush.

"It would have been devastating if she had hit the ground direct. Thanks to the bush, the snow and her jacket, her fall was cushioned," he said.

Ou shares a rented flat with two former classmates who were still asleep in their rooms when police knocked on their door.

They told officers that the balcony was only 3ft high and that Ou would stand on a chair to hang out her washing as the electrical clothes hanger was broken.

Ms He said: "We warned her many times to be careful but never really expected anything like this would happen."

Another similar case reported by The Sun on 4 Jan 2009.

A woman who plunged 200ft off notorious suicide spot Beachy Head and survived was recovering in hospital last night.

Coastguards were scrambled after being alerted by a sightseer who had seen the woman near the edge of the 530ft sheer headland.

A lifeboat, search-and-rescue helicopter and cliff team were sent to the spot in Eastbourne, East Sussex.

But the unnamed woman was found suffering just a broken leg. It is not known if the woman, in her forties, had leapt from the edge or had fallen.

Liz Spiers, spokeswoman for South East Coast Ambulance Service, said: "We did get a call to attend a woman in her 40s who had fallen approximately 200ft and sustained a fractured leg.

"She was taken by Coastguard helicopter to Eastbourne Hospital."

A spokesman for Dorset Coastguard said: "We recovered a woman from Beachy Head after being alerted by chaplains who patrol the area.

"It has not been confirmed if the fall was an accident or deliberate."

Another survivor from 200ft fall, reported by Belfast Telegraph , 17 November 2009

A woman survived after being thrown off a 200ft bridge by car thieves in South Africa. Kavisha Seevnarain was carjacked and forced at gunpoint to go to cash machines to take out money.

The 26-year-old was then thrown off the bridge south of Durban early on Saturday. She suffered seven broken ribs and a fractured pelvis from the fall and was spotted by a passer-by.

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