Man arrested in sexual assault of 91 year old

Broward County Sheriff's Office detectives arrested a suspect linked to the brutal sexual assault of a 91-year-old woman in November. Authorities are charging Chad Weiner, 38, with burglary, sexual battery and kidnapping.

Chad Weiner, 38, was arrested after leaving his Tamarac home in South Florida on Wednesday. Authorities say a DNA analysis and other evidence tie him to the crime.

According to the Broward Sheriff's Office, the victim told she was at home sleeping when she woke up at 2 a.m on Nov. 19 and found Weiner in her residence.

Police say Weiner then told the woman, "This won't take long." The intruder then bound and raped her. Police say the elderly woman, whose name was not released, was distraught from the traumatic experience and was taken to the Florida Medical Center for treatment.

Investigators then took her to the Sexual Assault Treatment Center. During their investigation police ascertained why there was no sign of forced entry into the woman's apartment. Reportedly she lost her wallet a few days earlier and in the walled was a spare house key.

Detectives were able to trace a call Weiner made to the victim hours before he entered her home. However, he denied knowing anything and consented to a DNA swab.

Weiner has no criminal record and is reported to be a chef at a local restaurant and lives with his parents a mile away from the victim's home.

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