Dolphins play jellyfish ball in the ocean

Dolphins play ball game in the ocean. And the ball is the 'jellyfish'!

A team of marine biologists were astonished to see dolphins swim under jellyfishes and with a quick flick of their tail shoot it out of the water.

The bottlenose dolphins were caught on video performing the strange activity off the Welsh coastline. One dolphin is seen flipping the jellyfish six feet up in the air.

Jonathan Easter, 23, who saw the dolphins at play, said: "One thing is for sure, they were having fun. There were floating blobs of jelly and the dolphins were flipping them about."

"They swim under the jellyfish, then at the right moment flick their tail up to give it a good 'kick'. They were not always accurate but when they had a direct hit the jellyfish were literally kicked out of the water. We have been studying individual dolphins in Welsh waters for some time but we got more than we expected from this trip."

"These incredible images provide a privileged insight into the lives and behaviour of bottlenose dolphins. But this behaviour has never been seen before and it presents more questions than answers!"

Some of the Barrel jellyfish reportedly died from being flipped. The area has Britain's largest coastal population of bottlenose dolphins.

Every summer, between 150 and 250 dolphins inhabit the waters, which form significant breeding and feeding grounds.

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