10 Weird world of animals videos

These are a few of weird world of animals videos. Filmed by BBC and National Geographic. The first 10 is a true nature. But the eleventh is only photo manipulation just to add spice here :D. What a weird world we're live in. And there are still more to explore .......

Fish With Transparent Head Filmed

Pistol Shrimp sonic weapon - Weird Nature

Strange Sea Creatures: Psychedelic Fish

Strange Japanese Sea Creatures

Giant Bizarre Fish

Giant octopus - extreme animals

Sunbathing giant mice - weird creatures of the Andes

Weird mating rituals - Battle of the Animal Sexes

Weird animals of the Andean Cloud Forests - Wild South America

Weird & Wonderful Animals -Wild South America

Bonus video - Bizarre animals (Photo manipulation)

Don't believe your eyes. This bonus video is not real. They're been photo manipulated. :D

Weird World of Animals videos

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