How to put RSS feed in Google Desktop Sidebar

There is a cooler way to use RSS feed and receiving latest updates faster and easier. You can just see the updates on your desktop (in the sidebar) without opening the web browser. Watch the silent tutorial below :D

There are many more cool features in Google sidebar. I will try to make a demo video about it. But for those who like to always change the skin, the bad news is Google Desktop can only be skinned programatically and there is no option in the program itself, not like a few other desktop sidebars that have many skins to choose from. But the default appearance of Google sidebar is quite interesting and it is easier to use. Google only concentrate on RSS and News, and I personally like Google sidebar because of this.

Till then, take care and all the best :)

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Thanks again,
It's informative for me. i have not use google sidebar yet, it's give me some idea about how it's looks like.
your video is great and understandable even it's silent tutorial.

forumer Can you also post some Snap shots of your tutorial as picture? because Picture speak thousand words ;D

also picture with caption make post more understandable. hope you don't mind if i advise like this.

Good bloging keep going....

Thanx so much my friend, yes you are right about it, maybe i forgot to put snapshot after i got a way to put video huhu

Good luck to you buddy, keep up your good work too, all the best :)

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