How to save bookmarks in Firefox and import in Google Chrome

I will show you how to save bookmarks in Firefox 3 and then import them in Google Chrome. The bookmarks will be saved as an HTML file. It also can be used as a backup, because your computer system will be changed in future. So you don't have to bookmark again your favourite websites one by one. You can also copy the bookmarks to other computer. Watch the video below and after that continue with the text explanation if you still do not understand.

How to save bookmarks in Firefox

1. First, open Firefox and go to Bookmarks menu
2. Choose Organise bookmarks. The Library window will appear
3. Click Import and Backup tab.
4. Choose Export HTML. Save it wherever you want. In the video I save it to the desktop.

How to import Firefox's bookmarks in Google Chrome

1. Open Google Chrome and click Customise and Control button
2. Choose Bookmark manager from the menu list
3. In the Bookmark manager window, click Tools - Import Bookmarks
4. Then browse the saved HTML file that you created within Firefox.

I just add the delete step in the video in case if you want to delete them someday. If you are satisfied with your bookmarks, you don't have to delete them.

That's all. I wish you all the best. Happy bookmarking :D

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Gee Neezhom. This write up of yours has really helped me. I just did a backup of my bookmarks by following your text explanation. But I saved them into my thumb drive instead. Need to reformat my PC. A very useful guide to a computer illiterate like me.. hur hur hur.. Thanks again Neezhom..

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