Saving Your Bookmarks in Firefox for backup and future usage

Many of us have more than one computer using the Firefox web browser. But, what do you do if you are surfing the internet on one computer and you bookmark a site? You don’t have that bookmark on the other computer. What you need is a way to move your bookmarks from one machine to another.

Firefox uses a standard HTML file to manage the bookmarks. To create that HTML file, you simply export your bookmarks. To open Export, select Bookmarks from above menu -> Organize Bookmarks -> File -> Export in Firefox’s Bookmark Manager. A dialog window will appear asking you where you want to save the file to. As a quick tip, you can easily view that bookmark file in any web browser. Like I said, it is pure HTML.

Now, that you have your bookmarks exported to HTML, simply move that file over to your other computer and import it into Firefox. To open Import, select File -> Import in Firefox’s Bookmark Manager window. A new window will appear, asking you where you want to import your bookmarks from. If you want to import your IE favorites, or if you want to import bookmarks from a Mozilla Suite or Netscape 6/7 profile, select the appropriate option. Firefox will automatically find and import your favorites/bookmarks for you. Since you are moving your bookmarks from another Firefox browser, though, select From File. In this case, a dialog window will appear that allows you to select the file you wish to import. Simply select the HTML file you created above and let it go.

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