How to adjust size and quality of photo thumbnail in Blogger's blog post

Blog post is more interesting with photos or videos. I'm here now to explain about how to adjust photo thumbnail in Blogger blog post. I created a video as shown below to show you how to do it. You don't have to go to Picasaweb to copy codes of thumbnails and so on. Just do it in your blog post editor in Blogger, as simple as that.

How to change image size

As shown in the video, to change the image size you must change the code value of the width, so the height size will automatically change too - constrained proportions. But if you don't want the thumbnail to be constrained proportions, adjust both of them according to size that you want.

How to adjust the quality

To adjust the quality, eg. if you want higher quality to the thumbnail, make sure you raise up the source image of thumbnail code value bigger than the thumbnail in your blog post. In my case here, I want the thumbnail in my blog with 550 width. So i raise up s400 value to s640, as 640 is bigger than 550 :D

That is just an example, but if you want to make it of more quality, use s800 or if you want to make it optimal for page loading, just use s640 like I did here for a 550 width thumbnail. But if you don't mind about quality, and want faster loading, just use s400.

s - denotes size

The list of sizes that can be used

- s200
- s400
- s640
- s800
- s1024
- s1600

And thanx to my friend Bharat that gave a few more sizes that support :D

s160, s320 and s1280

Below is the comparison of image quality, by using same size



Happy blogging, all the best :)


Wow That's New Start from you About Topics With "How to....? " , I must say Congratulation and thank you for Start teach us tips and Tricks for bloging. I hope you will post more and more.

I think you miss some Sizes that can be used s160, s320 and s1280 to , isn't it?

As your friend i would also like to comments about your video. you did a very good job with video thank you for Share.

Whoaa, you are right maan, i left those sizes huhu. Thanx very much my friend, you are advance than me actually :D

About the video , you can make it too, very easy , read here my friend

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