20 Really weird clocks design

Bird cage clock - (http://www.impactlab.com)

Clever clock - (http://www.impactlab.com)

Rolling ball clock


Rusty like clock

Mouse diskette clock


Habitat wall clock - (http://zedomax.com)

Sculpture Decorative clock

Hour glass style clock - The upper cone representing minutes and the lower cone representing hours.

Dynamite alarm clock - (http://www.slipperybrick.com)

Spiral clock - (http://www.strangecosmos.com)

Webpark clock - (http://www.pixorgy.com)

Spanish steam punk clock - (http://todotorcido.blogspot.com)

Book clock

Tyre rim clock

Starburst clock - (http://www.maverickcreations.com)

Fruit clock that extract power from fruits

Bedol water powered clock

Vanden Vos flip clock - (http://zedomax.com)

20 Amazing weird clocks design



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