Seven skin pack gave me bad days

I tried to install Seven skin pack 3 days ago, in purpose to have a look what Windows 7 will look like. I installed it in my Windows XP SP2. Maybe many of you succeed installing it, but not to me. I succeed install Vista Transformation pack before, that's why i have confidence to try this. But i'm not try Seven Transformation pack from yet. Maybe i should try it too but after i install one more Windows XP in another partition. I have phobia to install it right now in my newly installed OS.

So back to my bad days, i think maybe i installed Seven skin pack without running Windows file protection switcher first. Windows file protection switcher is the application that came together with Seven skin pack. They told in Read me file to run this application first. But maybe i was not take attention to it, so that's why i suffer 2 days cannot do my work because my work is 100% related with my PC.

So my advice before you try that freeware, please standby other backup OS in another partition first before you see a blue screen in your monitor caused by Seven skin pack. And if you are working with your PC, i think you better not to install it because the risk is so high and hazardous huhu. For me, i will not try it anymore, enough is enough.

I remember after my PC shown blue screen caused by Seven skin pack, i try to re-install Windows XP SP2. But unfortunately my CD is corrupted. I have one other WinXp CD but it is in my relative house, he borrowed it before. I must wait for him to send back to me before i can install again Win Xp. My work is really interrupted by this. That's why i don't want to try install this software again. It really turned my days so bad.

But like i said up there, maybe i will try to install Seven Transformation pack after this, but in my other OS in another partition. I think i have confident with it because i tried before install Vista Transformation pack which was created by the same guy. I will try to post here the result of my installation.

Wassalam and have a nice day, all the best :)

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