Google wave is really interesting

Google wave is coming maybe later this year, i still don't know when the exact date of the launch but from the demo video about Google wave, i found it so interesting. And i think web developers, internet marketers and whom that are involved much in internet will also love it. Thanks to Jens and Lars Rasmussen as a founder of it, where they're also a creator of a Google Maps.

My love at first sight with Google wave is about its ability to communicate really live with other people. More live than a usual communication with Internet messengers. Because usually you must wait your IM partner to type first and after click done then you can read their message. That's quite using time actually. But this is different with Wave where you can watch what they are typing character by character (this is a new technology). So you have more time to think what to reply and not just thinking after receiving the message. So it's like we are chatting in real life.

And the best part is, there is also a button to toggle whether you want other people can watch what you are typing or not. Now that is so cool right?

Uploading photos to wave

Uploading photos to wave is never as easy as this. No need browse button or other tools, just drag from your My Computer and drop in wave platform, so simple!

Watching photos and videos

This is the best part for me huhu. We can watch photos and also videos like Youtube videos synchronously with our partners through Google wave platform. Isn't that cute? :D


So much integration with Wave, and i really love to see how we can communicate from our wave platform to our blog and the conversation appear at both place and so on, and other people can join the conversation too. I don't know how to explain better here but you can watch the video at the official Google Wave website of how cool this is. And much more brilliant functions that will make our work more easily and fast.


A brief explanation about wave from the Google blog is , 'A "wave" is equal parts conversation and document, where people can communicate and work together with richly formatted text, photos, videos, maps, and more.' Sounds good right?

Wanna know how it works? Read at Google's blog

Below is the snapshot of a Google wave;

For further info, go to the Google wave official website at

Have a nice day and all the best :)

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