How to watch DVD Rip movie with subtitle

Peace and have a nice days. Now i wanna share knowledge about how to watch DvD Rip movies with subtitles. There are many options of languages to choose depends on the website that provide the service. I will give the links below and give instruction of how to use them.

Almost all DVD Rip movies have no subtitle in it. That's why certain people will find that they will not fully understand the movie without the subtitle. The software to open movies with subtitles are many, but here i will tell you one software that was a FREEWARE and just small in size. I used it and so far i'm so satisfied with it.

The player name is ViPlayer 3.0 . You can download it free by clicking the link. No charge at all and i think there is no spyware also. After downloaded and installed it, now it's the time to find the subtitles website. Here i put links to couples of movie subtitles websites.

Search your favourite movie subtitle and download. It is just a small size file and put it in a folder where your movie located. I repeat, make sure it is in same a folder with the movie and you don't have to load it manualy in a program. It will automatically load the subtitle related to the movie name if they are in a same folder.

The subtitle filename usually ended with .srt, example and so on. Ok dat's all i think, all the best :)



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