Phishing email from a fake

I got a new phishing email today! This email came from a fake site. The site is design like but actually it is not the original site. It's the fake site made by bad guys. Below is the content of the email;


You are the 1,000,000th visitor!

YOU WON $400!

Recently, we have reached 115,000 members. has over 4,000,000 visits monthly, so we decided to give cash prizes every 1,000,000th visitor every month. This month, you are the one of 4 winners who will get $400 from!

Your prize ($400) will be transferred directly to your e-Gold, PayPal or AlertPay account.

Please click on the link below to collect your money:


The Team

So how do i found that this is the fake email? If you want to know, just try to right click the link above. Copy Link Location and then paste to your browser URL box. You will see the real link is

Compare with the previous link, then you will know that the link will bring you to the fake site. And the site at first want you to give your account ID to give you money. But then they will inform you that you must register bla bla bla first. And you must pay the registering payment before you are able to receive money. Hehehe what a foolish cheater they are!

All right everybody, don't be fooled by these kind of peoples. And please don't trust any email that offer you a prize because most of them are phishing emails. All the best :)

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This must be very new as there is not much information as I got the same kind of e-mail.

Thank you for starting this blog up and warning people about the phishing site. saved me $9.95

Sent an e-mail to Admin of the original to warn them

Merry Christmas

Grant Wilson

Yeah..i received the email also... i just ignore it... Thanks Perpustakaan....

Thanks! I almost fell for it too, becuase they made it seem very real. I decided to do a google search before actually shelling out the 10 bucks, though. Thanks again! :)

Thanx for the comments guys! I appreciate that, all the best :)

wow... i almost registered. thx God i did registered to the membership...

nice to hear that you did not register! Take care buddy and becareful next time OK ;) Gud luck

LOL, i went through with it last night when i was drunk...

Cya Later $10...
Oh well.
I should never use the computer after drinking.

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