Easier way to search blogs on internet

For your info, we can search blogs on the internet easier. We don't have to search it with standard search engine, like Google , Yahoo, Lycos Search and so on. By using that kind of way, we can get random websites but not just a blog. So that's hard to find a real blog by that. We must filter so many other websites first and that will be so difficult. So why still use difficult way while there are easier way right?

So the easier way is, you must find blogs using blog search function. Google itself also has this special Blog Search function. Other Blog search that was so popular today is Technorati. And then we can also use Blog Directory like BlogCatalog, MyBlogLog, Bumpzee and so on. And these all are the easier way of how to find blogs on the internet. And a good news for bloggers too because they can get more traffics by joining all these.

But there are also weaknesses by using Blog Directory. Because not all blogs register with them. Blogger must register with them first and then submit their blogs to those Blog Directory. After their blog been approved by admin, it will enter the list. But you don't have to be worried, because there are so massive blogs that registered with them nowadays and we can search for many categories in there. And from time to time, new blogs also join them and stay in the list.

So for the best choice and satisfaction, try to use them all for searching and you can have a combination of blogs around the world in them. And for bloggers, remember to try them too. Happy blogging and blog searching :)

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