BJ the Linux powered robotic dog

More about robot! So prepare human, you will live with full of robots around you someday! But hope they will be nice to us, not like Decepticons in Transformers. And no Megatron please :)

IXS Japan has announced a 4 legged walking robot which is developed in co-operation with Kondo science. Named 'BJ' it is almost the same size as the Sony Aibo and with the production of Aibo discontinued BJ looks to be a suitable contender. It has 3 joints for each leg (12 in all), 2 for neck, 1 for jaw and 16 for tail. It is powered by an i.MX Core 11 CPU, 64MB RAM and 16MB Flash ROM. BJ has a 350,000 pixel CMOS sensor (30 fps), 1 x Distance sensor, 1 x Acceleration sensor and 4 x Metal sphere sensors. As for interface BJ can communicate using Ethernet slot, Memory stick Slot, 2 x USB ports and 3 x Serial ports. The unit runs on Linux and comes with iQRs03 Communicator a software using which you can program BJ to perform activities like walking, running etc.

BJ measures 180×350×312mm and weighs 2.5kg it will be available by 2007 fall worldwide for 600,000 Yen ($ 4850) a bit too expensive than the Aibo.

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