'Mask face' boy from China

Kangkang, from China’s Hunan province, is being dubbed as “mask face” baby. Kangkang, 14 months old, was born with a double face, a congenital deformity called transverse facial cleft, also known as face horizontal cleft.

As the pictures showing here, Kangkang’s transverse facial cleft condition make him look like wearing a mask on his face, which in fact is not the case .

Mother Yi Xilian and her husband used to work together in an electronics factory in Huizhou, southern China's Guangdong province. However, since she was pregnant Yi quit her job to go home and wait for the birth. It’s unclear what caused this poor toddler to have such an rare cleft

Mrs. Yi said she underwent 3 B-mode ultrasound examinations and one color Doppler ultrasound examination at two diffident hospitals in Guangdong and her hometown Xiangxiang County during the pregnancy and all doctors told her the unborn baby was ok.

During pregnancy she didn't take any medications except some abortion prevention agents prescribed by the doctors at Xiangxiang Women and Children's Hospital.

"My family didn't allow me to see my son at the beginning, and I pleaded with my husband to let me have a look. Before they passed me the baby, they told me 'don't be sad, don't be sad', but when I saw my son, I collapsed," said a crying Yi.

Professor Wang Duquan of 163 Hospital said there are many possible reasons, like disease infection during embryo development, taking medications during pregnancy, and so on.

Professor Wang said it's the first such case he ever met. "It's different from a cleft lip or cleft palate; it's a facial cleft. Not only his face muscles are cleft, but the inside bones are cleft."

Professor Wang said judging from the current situation the boy is only suffering from the facial cleft, and his intelligence should be normal.

Yi said 20 days after the birth she took Kang Kang to visit a big hospital in Changsha, where doctors told her that the surgery would cost at least 300,000 to 400,000 Yuan. "We couldn't afford such a large amount, and the kid is already 1 year old and we couldn't wait any longer."

Professor Wang said Kang Kang at least needs to receive two surgeries.

Kangkang was born in March , 2009. He now is treated at the People’s Liberation Army’s Military No. 163 Hospital only after his family accumulated enough money for the expensive correction facial surgeries.

All the best to you Kangkang!

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