Chinese sisters wear bee clothing

The Xinchun sisters, from a family of professional beekeepers in Jingmen, China, have no problem being completely covered in the honey-making insects.

They all work at the family apiary where their father, Liu Xinchun, taught them to "wear" what he calls "bee clothing".

Liu, 60, said: "We use special ways to attract the queen bee on to us and then other bees among the group will follow and hang on to the person."

The girls wear the special outfits for an hour to attract the Queen bee. The other bees then follow her onto the clothing. Liu also mentioned that a bee group can contain as many as 30,000 individual insects.

As for being stung — according to Liu, his family is naturally immune to the mild venom in bee stings, meaning they aren't harmful. They have developed antibodies to bee stings.

Via - The Sun , Faded Tribune

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