Science takes the spotlight at Swiss film fest

The European Organization for Nuclear Research is screening films dedicated to science at the CineGlobe festival near Geneva. Russia’s “Two or Three Things It Would Not Be Bad to Know About” has made it into the event.

CineGlobe, an international festival of short films and science documentaries, will be held from February 16 to February 20. Movies taking part compete for the titles of best general fiction, best science fiction and best science documentary.

Within five days a selection of some 80 films from 27 different countries from over 700 submissions will be shown in the Swiss town of Meyrin. This year marks CineGlobe’s second installment.

Russia’s entry, a documentary by Russian director Nikolay Makarov, is made as a media performance. It features six Russian philosophers rethinking the threats of the relations between a human and the technological world he has created. The film was made around the image of an anonymous Internet surfer, who happens to find a webpage revealing the catastrophic threats of the future. Step by step the hero discovers more and more dangers… The film ends with a symbolic scene of the hero being offered to choose either to “quit” or to “continue” this weird “race of curiosity” over how the world would come to its end.

Indeed, the town where the festival is taking place is an apt choice; nearby the Large Hadron Collider can be found buried under the French-Swiss border.

Open to film creators from around the world working in both French and English, the CineGlobe festival is a unique event organized and supported by the world’s largest physics laboratory, CERN, that has attracted more than 1,500 entries from more than 83 countries around the globe. The festival is poised to become one of the most important festivals worldwide for films about science.

Via - Russia Today

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