Palestinian farmer finds giant lemon on his Jericho grove

A Palestinian farmer from Beit Sahour found a two-kilogram giant lemon on his grove in Jericho on Tuesday.

Issa Rishmawi, 56, took the exceptionally huge citrus to the office of the PA Ministry of Agriculture in Bethlehem to try and find an explanation for the lemon's irregular size.

Head of the botanic department of the ministry Auda Sabarna said the lemon measured 53 by 61 centimeters and weighed a whopping 1,950 grams.

As for the scientific explanation for its huge size, Sabarna said it was an organic mutation as Rishmawi does not use chemical fertilizers on his grove.

The tree that yielded the oversized lemon was planted three years ago, Rishmawi said, and last year's yield produced lemons over one kilogram in weight.

Via - Ma'an News

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