Indonesian man loses six teeth when cigarette explodes in his mouth

An Indonesian tobacco company has agreed to pay the medical expenses as a compensation to a man who lost six teeth when a cigarette he was smoking exploded.

Andi Susanto, 31, told Indonesian media the cigarette had blown up in his mouth while he was riding a motorcycle in Bekasi, near Jakarta. He lost six teeth and received 51 stitches.

Mr Susanto told Metro TV in an interview from his hospital bed that cigarette producer PT Nojorono Tobacco Indonesia was paying 5 million rupiah ($535 / £335) for his medical treatment.

"The company's officials have talked to my family and we agreed to settle it amicably, as an out-of-court settlement," he said through bandaged lips.

The cause of the explosion remains unknown. He told the Jakarta Post newspaper he had been smoking since he was a schoolboy and had never had any problems.

Mr Susanto who works as a security guard said he wasn't chewing anything when he lit the Clas Mild cigarette, and didn't notice anything strange about its odour, colour or taste.

He admitted that he was traumatised by the incident and would try to quit smoking.

Tulus Abadi, from the Indonesian Consumer Protection Foundation, said there was only a small chance the explosion was triggered by the ingredients of the cigarette.

"From around 4,000 chemical substances found in a cigarette, there is one substance that is identical to a substance used to formulate rocket fuel," Tulus told The Jakarta Post, referring to methanol.

"But although it exists in cigarettes, I think the amount is too small to trigger an explosion." Muhammad Warsianto, NTI's senior adviser, confirmed that its products, branded as Clas Mild, did not contain any explosive materials.

Mr Warsianto said the company assisted with the medical bill as a form of sympathy to "a loyal customer".

Indonesia has one of the highest smoking rates and the most profitable tobacco markets in the world, with more than 60% of men smoking regularly.

Via - Sky News , BBC News , Telegraph

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