Stripper asked plastic surgeon to make her third breast

What a weird and abnormal thinking. Are three breast better than two? Uuurrgghhh .......

A plastic surgeon in Croatia has revealed that he refused to perform an operation on a stripper who wanted him to make a third breast for her.

Doctor Sinisa Glumicic told tabloid 24 Sata his client thought she would be more attractive if she had three breasts.

The surgeon said he had been shocked by the idea and refused to perform the surgery.

"She was ready to tattoo a nipple on her third breast", the doctor from Croatian capital Zagreb commented to the tabloid.

The weird stripper works in Milan, Italy.

Via - Croatian Times

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something must be missing in her brain...

Wow! Just when you think you have heard everything. I'm sure she thought a gimmick like that would make her money. And it probably would have.

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