Skydivers jump off world's tallest building

Two skydivers have set a new record for one of the world’s highest Base jumps, leaping some 672 metres (2,205 feet) off the world's tallest building - the newly opened Burj Khalifa in Dubai. It was the world's highest jump from a man-made structure.

Omar Al Hegelan and Nasser Al Neyadi are expert skydivers and obtained permission from the Dubai authorities to jump from the tower.

Al Hegelan began BASE jumping in 1997 and has made over 15,000 sky dives. He told Sky News: "It was amazing, one of the most beautiful sensations I've ever experienced. "We did it legally, we did it safely and we set a new world record.

"It took months of planning and we had to obtain permission from the UAE government, but we showed that safe, legal Base jumps are possible from the Burj Khalifa."

The word 'Base' refers to the structures jumpers leap from: Building, Span, Antenna, Earth.

The Burj Khalifa cost $1.5bn (£936m) to build and is the tallest man-made structure on earth at 828m (2,717ft), designed by Giorgio Armani also plans to have the world's highest mosque (158th floor) and swimming pool (76th floor).

Via - Sky News

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